Saturday, May 31, 2008

Keep the Change Blogs Pre-Release V. 1.0

This becomes a step in renewal my web "brand." I am going with all diligent speed to construct a new web site. Current idea is that my web page will be my own construction to start with, and it will be an iterative project, that is under constant little tweaks and improvements.

I must straddle the space between my innate need to create and innovate and recognition that in this medium, honey, don't even try. It's not my chosen field, for one. Writing and consulting are. And, two, the bar is much to high & technical. I would need of machinery I have neither the interests or means to acquire. And lots of classes teaching me more than I need to know and how to do things I will never do. And, see, I want just about everyone to have an easy experience with my sites and blogs, so if I can decipher how to construct them they'll probably stay fairly simple.

I have two concerns right now, can I delete a message? Can I go back and edit for corrections I notice down line?