Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Go Ahead, Plan All I Want


Ha, despite my considerable efforts to find just the right way to "get things done" my time, own body and flow of events conspire to make that something that floats away like so many clouds.

Due to that, I have come to a conclusion that I cannot precisely plan beyond a day, day and a half, perhaps two. What I need to do gets done. i know because I find my old lists and see that lots of the items can be checked off. I know a pending due date looms, and here I am at a bar enjoying happy hour.

Dangest thing, I feel/know rather than think/know this is the right thing to do. Tomorrow will be productive. Or, so that's always the lure and promise.

Right now, for example, this is happening:
I have an application due to King County Procurement on Tuesday 7/29/08 at 2 PM or sooner, no exceptions. They make a bid deal about that, but the unfairness, if any, creeps in under door sills, not by letting anyone slide on the due dates.

To get said application in I need to check my draft (spelling and grammar mostly and the writing can be utilitarian), make changes and then
Print out the Original
Make five two-sided copies (4 for the appl, one for me)
I'm pitching for three sections, so I do this three times,
prepare the cover sheet for each stack
copy my final files onto a CD
prepare the package
double check everything
get it downtown the day before/the day itself is a failsafe option.

Five days later I have a workshop on Insider Change I'm facilitating. So ...
Finish my Powerpoint and handouts (entails making some decisions about the flow and what to put in/leave out).
Make 25 copies of the handout. Wild guess this one.
Update website to reflect the workshop and some tweaks to bring it up to what I envision it to be. Most of the text is ready, so it's a matter to formatting and remembering what little I understand of CSS and using it.

The website will take about 8 hours/one full day. It will be a psychological study, with my hopes pushing me to try things my meager skills can't deliver. I'll need lots of rest, and time to review the manuals and other stuff to figure out things. Finally, I'll have to settle for something because time has run out, and off it will got to the web. And I'll make a note to make more changes later.

Sunday, 8/3/08 I'll have to make circles on my calendar to take the time off.

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